SVARN, a Telecom Products Manufacturer, providing world-class PUFPanel Shelters and solutions for the Telecom Industry.

PUF Panel shelters enclosers and cabinets that houses and protects sophisticated and costly communication equlpments/modules are Just as important as the equlprnents or modules itself. The function of a Shelter is to protect the equipment required for GSM/CDMA network from the harsh outside environment. Although most of these shelters look the same, their design may vary according to the environmental conditions prevailing in a given region.

SVARN addressing the needs of various networks, has designed site specific shelters that are stable, unique in design and very practical.

SVARN shelters are designed to provide the best possible protection from the environment, flexibility in installing the integrated equipment, together with unmatched quality. Our telecom shelters are designed considering present space and future expansion requirements of the clients.

SVARN presents its range of modular "knock-down" shelters (i.e. shelters that are supplied completely disassembled for erection at site). Modular shelters can be placed on high buildings without the need for special installation methods and arrangements. In addition, their modular construction does not require any highly skilled installation personnel and greatly reduces the amountoftime required fortheir assembling. For large-scale projects, SVARN can provide Modular shelters specially designed for bulk packing, which significantly reduces the freight costs.

SVARN´s manufacturing facilities are registered to ISO 9001:2000 and SVARN Implements these standards as the baseline for management systems.

SVARN has developed processes and procedures that eventually produce a quality product. All our processes are continuously analyzed by a dedicated Quality Team who ensure with ongoing improvements in the areas of Quality, cost, productivity and delivery that ultimately benefit all our customers.

Design and Development Quality

SVARN designs and develops different types of Shelters according to the customer requirements meeting national and international standards. Our Shelters have been validated by BSNL TQAC for stable and predictable quality, availability, and cost-enecuveness of incoming materials that are critical for our Products that meet customer satisfaction. A Central purchase Dept and Quality Team work closely With our chain of suppliers to accomplish this mission.

Quality Teams/Customer Support

SVARN´s Teams support and ensures the purchased product verification, in-process inspection, validation and final Inspection activities based on quality and control plans.

Management Information System

SVARN has in place a MIS for effective tracking of the daily operations and sites status, monitored by a special Team on a dally basis.

Product/Services Warranty

SVARN warranties the materials/items and labor on all passive Infrastructure products and services purchased directly from and Installed by, SVARN as per the contracts. If any passive infrastructure provided by SVARN fails due to defective parts or faulty workmanship, SVARN will repair or replace the defect as stipulated in related contracts.

Features & Advantages


Note: Customized oimensions avallable on request. Specifications given are subject to change without any notice.

Technical Specifications

Dimension (mm) User Defined
Construction Variable thickness PU Foam (CFC Free) Sandwich between
PU Foam Density 30 to 46/SQM, CFC Free
PU Foam Thermal Conductivity 0.0215 ~ O.03O W/m.k
PU Foam Thickness 50 ~ l00 mm/user defined
Walls and Ceiling 0.5 ~ 1 mm PPGI
Flashing 0.8 ~ 1 mm PPGI Sheet
Floor 2mm thick antistatic floor mat with 4 clinch button for earthing over 19mm
marine ply board, Thermally Insulated by PU Foam
Floor Earthing By copper foil, 50mm wide, 0.05mm thick, all 4 sides
Permissible Floor Loading User defined (Typical 2 Ton/m2)
Door and Lock Integrated door panel with Aluminum channel with variable thickness PU
Foam sandwich panel (Door Size 1000x2000mm) Three Point Door Locking
System also provided
Floor Load Bearning Capacity 500 kg/SQM to 2500 kg/SQM
Beam ISM beam duly galvanized with tamp lets and J Bolts
C-Rail Aluminum (Optional)
Sunshade/Canopy 0.6 mm thick PPGI sheet, 1200mm wide to cover door
Door Step Ladder MS Galvanized / Powder Coated
Roof Load Capacity 200 kg/SQM
Sealant Silicon Transparent /White type• GE make
Environment -30 ~ 70 deg. C ambient Temperature with humidity 10% to 95% at
30deg. C, Can with stand ind up to 200 km/h