LT Power Cables

Svarn has developed a special grade XLPE compound to be used as the insulating material suitable for LT (upto 1100 volts) applications. This is a thermoset type of polymer enriched with crosslinking agent. This is extruded over the conductor using modern extruders and is thoroughly crosslinked under controlled conditions. This XLPE insulation overcomes the drawbacks of PVC, hitherto extensively used as an insulating material, without losing any of PVC's desirable properties.

Following are the advantages of XLPE insulated cables over that of PVC Insulated cables:

Higher Current Rating : Withstands continuous conductor temperature of 90°C, whereas PVC withstands only 70°C, which means higher current carrying capacity.

Higher Overload Capacity : cables can operate even at 130°C, during emergency, unlike PVC Cables which cannot operate beyond 120°C. Thus in an emergency, the entire system need not go out of commission if some of the cables fail, because the other cables in parallel can carry a higher load.

Higher Short Circuit Rating : Can withstand conductor temperatures of upto 250°C during a short circuit PVC cannot withstand more than 160°C.

Lighter in Weight, Smaller Bending Radius : Lighter weight, smaller bending radius than PVC enables installation of Svarn cables even in cramped space conditions. The cables require less support, thus lowering installation costs.

Lower Di-electric Constant and Power Factor : Results in saving in power losses which means saving in costs, particularly for higher voltage.

Better Impact, Abrasion, Corrosion Resistance : Safer than PVC Cables against mechanical damage,abrasion and corrosion.

Easier Jointing and Termination : Requires no special skills or equipment for jointing and termination.

Comparison Of Properties
Dielectric Constant 2.35 6 to 8
Dielectric strength KV/mm 22 14
Volume Resistivity at 27°C Ohm-cm 1014 1013
Thermal Resistivity °C cm/W 350 600
Power Factor at maximum conductor temperature 0.008 0.1
Normal conductor operating temperature °C 90 70
Emergency overload temperature °C 130 120
Maximum short circuit temperature °C 250 160

Quality Assurance :

At Svarn, Quality Assurance is ensured through planned, stage-wise quality checks. These quality checks are made starting from the raw material right through every stage of manufacturing.

In particular, the property and specified test for XLPE compound is checked and the absence of contamination in the compound is noted against each batch of material received.