IP 55 Outdoor Cabinet

Available in Size 16U / 18U / 24U / 30U / 36U / 42U / 45U
Mounting Arrangement Floor Type
Colour RAL 7035/ Customized
Ingress Protection IP 55
Cooling Solution 1. Fan Filter arrangement
2. DC Aircon
Fan 48V DC Axial Fans
Smart Controller Controls Fan Management System & provide PFC alarms for

1. High Temperature
2. Smoke Sensor
3. Fan Failure
4. Door Open
Door Lock 3pt / 4pt Lock & provision of Pad Lock
Cable Entry Provision of Sufficient Cable Entry thru Roxtec / Wallmax & Cable Glands
Filter G3 / G4 Filter with Aluminium Frame for Dust Protection
Door Sealing Provision of Door Sealed with proper EPDM Gasket / PU Gasket
DCDB DCDB arrangement mounted on 19" Rail with terminal block and earthing Bus Bar
Earthing (Equipment) Provision of Equipment Earthing thru Suitable Bus Bar
Lifting Arrangement Provision of Lifting Hooks to lift the cabinet
Grouting Arrangement on Plinth Anchor Fastener
Manual / Labels / Stickers Proper Labels & Sticker are provided
Packing Wooden Pallet